Youth Athletics

National Trail Parks and Recreation offers a wide variety of youth athletic leagues, camps and instructional programs. We strive to offer recreational programs for all. Please look for more detailed information under the Programs tab on this website or in our most current activity guide that is available under the Newsletter tab on the home page.


Youth programs are designed to provide a positive experience where participation and fun is the key. A wide variety of program activities are available throughout the year to challenge all young people and include athletic and non-athletic experiences.


The recipient of the 2000 Excellence in Youth Sports Award, the National Trail Parks and Recreation District offers athletic experiences in several sports. The goal for these athletic programs is to promote sportsmanship, physical fitness and teamwork through participation. The Standards for Youth Sports is the basis for the structure of these athletic programs.


The volunteer coaches, who provide the team leadership, must complete an application, successfully complete a legal background check and are trained through the certification program of the National Youth Sports Coaches Association.


Parents also have a responsibility to act in a prudent manner and are asked to participate in the Parents Association for Youth Sports (PAYS) certification program.


The National Trail Parks and Recreation District (NTPRD) works hard to provide a safe playing environment, by providing well maintained facilities to offer the optimum experiences.


NYSCA: The National Youth Sports Coaches Association is a nonprofit organization, which trains volunteer coaches for youth sports programs. The basic philosophy of the NYSCA is that all children deserve a wholesome experience in youth sports. This can only result when coaches and parents are keenly aware of the important role they play as volunteers.


All National Trail Parks and Recreation District volunteer coaches are certified with NYSCA clinics. Any organization or individual desiring certification, should contact the District at 328-PARK.


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