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Hall of Fame Museum
Carleton Davidson Stadium
1101 Mitchell Boulevard Springfield, Ohio

937-328-PARK (7275) 

Hours of operation:
During games played at the Stadium
Every non-holiday Wednesday from 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm 
Closed Holidays
By appointment


Springfield/Clark County Hall of Fame Class of 2012:

The Individual Inductees:

  • Jeff Brown, a Division III Batting Champion and All American and also a North High School standout
  • Dick Pence, a Tigers 1940s pitcher/outfielder who pitched a Wittenberg to a Conference Championship and also a standout Springfield High player
  • Phil Scott, a middle infielder from Greenon  who turned an outstanding Tigers career into a shot with the Mets and Yankees
  • Dustin Wade, a Kenton Ridge product who took his baseball skills to Urbana University before transferring to Wittenberg.


Two outstanding high school teams that will be honored for their accomplishments:

  • 1969 Southeastern High School
  • 2007 Kenton Ridge High School 

Full Announcement 

For additional information:

Mark Miller    399-6750 


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Cincinnati Reds/Springfield Trivia
A. David Burba
B. Rick White
C. Will McEnaney
D. Harvey Haddix
E. Brooks Lawrence
F. Cotton Minahan
G. Mike Mitchell
1. He is the only National League Pitcher to finish the last game of two consecutive World Series on the mound. ____
2. He struck the first Reds hit in Crosley Field.   ____
3. He is the only local product to make the All Star team (1956) as a member of Cincinnati Reds representative. ____
4. He was the only announced Opening Day Pitcher traded the day before Opening Day by the Reds in 1998. ____
5. He was the only Reds player to wear uniform number '00'. ____
6. He pitched in 2 games for the Reds, lost them both but had a 1.29 ERA. ____
7. The only local product to win a Gold Glove while a member of Reds. ____
For more information on these and other local baseball players visit the museum.
Answer:1-C, 2-G, 3-E, 4-A, 5-B, 6-F, 7-D